Monday, May 2, 2011


My Grandmother had an old foot-operated sewing machine.  I remember as a child watching in amazement as her foot made that pedal fly while she sewed.  But that wasn't the best part.  In the wooden sewing machine table was a drawer where she kept spare buttons.  And she had the most spectacular buttons- wooden buttons, colorful buttons, and buttons covered with rhinestones.  My favorite thing to do when I visited her was to take the drawer out of her machine table and spread the buttons out on the dining room table to touch, admire, and sort.  She had baby dolls at her house that I could play with, but it was the buttons that I loved.  I can still remember the smell of that button drawer and see some of her buttons. 

I am still fascinated with buttons.  Often I find buttons that inspire me in what I am making.  That was the case when I found these big yellow buttons from one of my favorite Etsy shops, Meltin' Mudd Studio.  I love the brown speckles.  They remind me of a bird's egg.  I ended up fashioning this brown sweater just to showcase these lovely buttons.  

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  1. I have a treadle machine to this day because I go out of control on electric machines plus I am exercising and sewing at the same time. I have a basket of old buttons that were my mothers. Whenever a piece of clothing was worn out, she would cut off the buttons so I have a number of them from the 40's which is cool.